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Hi Guys,
It has been a couple of weeks since an update. Short version is I wasn't happy with it and wanted to rebuild and then I managed to get sick (and still am)!
Right now 20 people have been given access, but I decided to post a few screenshots here as well to get more feedback. If you are in the waiting list I am adding 5 a day-ish so it won't be too long.
The Main Portfolio view is ultimately what you want for tax time. However, to have complete numbers you need to link your sell trades to the buy trades first. You do this in the Balance pages for each coin.
Right now you can either manually link sell trades to buy trades or you can adopt a FIFO method which over-rides everything. LIFO and other methods will be added come tax time.
I would also like to give a bit more detail how we get AUD values - we hit a (paid) API that provides granular information on pricing. When I say granular I mean spot prices to the second. Let's say we are trying to find the AUD price of XRP - the app will attempt to find an AUD price from BTCmarkets first, if data isn't available then it will find a USD price and if that data isn't available (typical for smaller coins) then it finds the BTC price and then converts BTC to USD/AUD. Any USD values are converted to AUD using the daily XE USD-AUD Forex rate. We basically want to attempt to get the most accurate data possible.
With that said, we have received some suggestions to use free data as well - even though it is hourly pricing - and offer the more accurate data as an added service. I would love to hear more opinions on that.
I will be making this information clearer at a later stage - right now it gets automatically converted and the end-user doesn't see too much except the final AUD price and (if applicable) USD price.
This tax tool will be a paid service
Those who are testing the service and providing feedback will be able to continue to use it for free in perpetuity, but this is being built as a paid tool and will be priced similarly to
With that said though there are two things worth noting:
Immediate goals right now are to setup some simple onboarding videos, add IR & Bitfinex imports, be able to export the data in CSV and PDF formats and a feature request/voting platform to guide development and keep it focused on community wants.
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